XLMiner ®

This website was replaced in 2019 by Analytic Solver Cloud -- a "modern Office add-in" that works with Excel for the Web, Excel for Mac, and Excel for Windows. Analytic Solver Cloud, the result of five years of development effort, offers a far superior experience for building optimization, Monte Carlo simulation, data mining and machine learning models, in "native Excel".

Students: Please visit this page on Solver.com for step-by-step instructions to get started with Analytic Solver Cloud. If you are using Excel for Windows, you also have the option to download and install Analytic Solver Desktop. (To compare these alternatives, see this page on Solver.com.) If you do not have a Course Code, ask your instructor to contact us at 888-831-0333 or email support@solver.com to set up a code for your class.

If this message is "news to you", please consult our past emails or read our blog posts, starting from this one in May 2019. Thank you.